Frequently Asked Questions About SolaTrim

Why is SolaTrim a necessary addition to my rooftop solar?

There are 4 potentially expensive hazards to home rooftop solar panels that are remedied and eliminated by SolaTrim:

1) Squirrels that chew wiring and can damage your solar electrical system.
2) Damaged wiring that turns into a fire hazard.
2) Pigeons that nest underneath your home solar system create a serious health risk while degrading your property.
4) An accumulation of leaves or debris trapped beneath solar panel arrays can lead to roof damage and roof rot.

Will the SolaTrim adhesive hold up in extreme weather conditions?

The SolaTrim acrylic foam adhesive tape has been thoroughly tested to perform without fail in long-term exposure to extreme heat (300°F), extreme cold (-40°F), and heavy wind (150+mph). Our pressure-activated adhesive welds permanently between the SolaTrim barrier and a solar panel frame.

How do I remove SolaTrim if I need to replace a solar panel or access underneath the array?

Simply take a standard razor-knife and draw the blade down the seam between the solar panel frame and the SolaTrim barrier, along the length of the adhesion. The SolaTrim should then pop off easily. To replace the barrier, simply follow the instructions enclosed in your SolaTrim carton and apply a new piece of SolaTrim where needed.

What size does SolaTrim come in?

A single SolaTrim barrier piece is 6.75” x 48” and comes 25 pieces to a carton equaling 100ft.

Is SolaTrim easy to install?

Yes. The lightweight aluminum is an easy-to-cut material and our “peel & stick” method makes SolaTrim installation simple and quick with no fasteners, clips or wires.

I’m a homeowner. Can I install SolaTrim myself or have my handyman install it?

That depends. If you have leased your system and signed a Power Purchase Agreement, you may not be able to alter your system in any way without permission from your Solar Financial Services or your Solar Contractor. Review your Agreement or check with them before installing SolaTrim on your own. If you bought your system, you will want to protect both it and your investment with SolaTrim.

What type of roof surfaces can I install SolaTrim on?

SolaTrim can be installed on any roof type. The lightweight (.024”) aluminum is easy to cut with simple metal shears or tin snips. For Barrel, Clay, “S” or Spanish Tile roofs, simply draw a template of your roof profile out of cardboard or with a piece of SolaTrim and follow that pattern across the roof surface.

Does it come in different colors?

SolaTrim’s color was chosen to match the backing of the Solar Modules themselves, so we coat SolaTrim with black polyester paint for a long-lasting, no-maintenance finish.

Where is SolaTrim made?

SolaTrim is manufactured just outside of Sacramento, California. All SolaTrim materials – aluminum, adhesive, and cartons – are produced here in the United States.

I don’t really have any pigeon or squirrel problems…yet. Do I really need this barrier?

Even if there aren’t any critter problems now, there very well could be later. And if there presently isn’t a threat from pests, accumulated debris like leaves and branches from nearby trees can be a problem if they stay under the solar array indefinitely. Your solar system was designed to last for 20-25 years, as was SolaTrim. Adding an aesthetic and protective barrier to your system now will provide peace of mind for the life of the system.

So SolaTrim can be added to my system simply for aesthetic reasons?

Certainly. SolaTrim provides a clean and elegant finishing touch to rooftop arrays. With SolaTrim around your system, you won’t see any wires or conduit lines under your panels. Just a clean, protective, attractive and permanent barrier that can withstand any natural threat from Mother Nature.

Where can I find more information about Solar Power?

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