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Help Solar Customers Keep Out Uninvited Guests


Squirrels and other rodents chew wires causing fire hazard


Pigeons and other birds nest under arrays leaving a mess and risking decay


Leaves and debris collect causing rot and fire hazard

"We have been recommending and installing SolaTrim products for over a year. We have found it to be the best value critter guard on the market. SolaTrim is easy to install, looks great and provides perfect rodent protection! The team at SolaTrim is awesome!”

Nancy B.El Paso Green Energies

“I would definitely install SolaTrim on Clay Tile roofs, where pigeons tend to nest. In fact, I would probably install it on all my solar projects.”

Tony DiazCentury Roofing and Solar

“Controlling animals from accessing solar installations has become an increasing problem for us. We are excited by the possibility SolaTrim offers to provide a cost-effective, easily deployable and attractive options for our installer partners.”

Greg SellersVP Clean Power Finance

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