“After doing research on different trims on the internet I happened to find SolaTrim. I bought a case and after a few hours, some Tin Snips, my 18 solar panels were completely encased to prevent pigeons from further nesting and causing a ruckus above my bedrooms. Great product, easy install, and aesthetically pleasing. Definitely recommended from a DIY house owner!”
– Kyle C. Fraser, Hesperia, CA

“We have been recommending and installing SolaTrim for over a year. We have found it to be the best value critter guard on the market. SolaTrim is easy to install, looks great and provides perfect protection against critters! The team at SolaTrim is awesome!”
– Nancy B., El Paso Green Energies

“I would definitely install SolaTrim on Clay Tile roofs, where pigeons tend to nest. In fact, I would probably install it on all my solar projects.”
– Tony Diaz, Century Roofing and Solar

“Controlling animals from accessing solar installations has become an increasing problem for us. We are excited by the possibility SolaTrim offers to provide a cost-effective, easily deployable and attractive options for our installer partners.”
– Greg Sellers, VP Clean Power Finance

“Our engineers tried unsuccessfully to develop a product that would do what SolaTrim does…they eventually gave up.”
– Dave Perez, Mainstream Energy

“I am happy with the ease of installation and flexibility to the roof type…neither of us realized how bad the problem was but I definitely see why our partners should have cost effective quality product like SolaTrim for every install.”
– David Inda, Owner, Principal, Indaspec Solar Services

“I love your product…this is going to make a lot of customers happy.”
– Chad Pricolo, Vice-President, PetersenDean Roofing and Solar, Inc.

See what Fronius of Canada says about SolaTrim in their Rodent Protection article.

“The new rodent protection requirement is a benefit to both installers and PV system owners and should be implemented, regardless of the inverter technology used. It is up to the Canadian solar industry to educate customers on the safety and performance benefits of a quality PV system, which includes rapid shutdown, arc fault protection and protective barriers.”


Suncatcher Testimonial
“SolaTrim has several advantages over a simple wire mesh. It is a strong product made of lightweight aluminum with an aviation grade adhesive tape that seals it thoroughly to your solar panels. It is extreme temperature tested and comes with a 25-year warranty. We like that it is designed to be a permanent solution that will last the lifetime of the panels.”

 Suncatcher Solar of Canada