SolaTrim Distributor Profile: CED Greentech

An End-to-End Solar Solution

A lot of companies talk about customer service, but nobody walks the walk like CED Greentech.

Founded in 1957 as Consolidated Electrical Distributors, the company has built a reputation of providing an end-to-end solar solution for its customers.

With local Greentechs around the country, CED can quickly tackle any customer issue, from ordering to installation to maintenance.

“We have our own trucks and brick and mortar locations around the country, explains CED Greentech Operations Manager Nick LaPerche. “It’s like a series of mom and pops. We definitely go above and beyond. We’re unique in the way we take care of our customers.”

As a true end-to-end solution, CED Greentech needs more than good products and services. They also need to provide ongoing security for their customers. Which is why they turned to SolaTrim®.

“There was a big problem in the industry,” explains LaPerche. “And SolaTrim solved it. It was revolutionary.”

“CED Greentech is a one-stop-shop for customers,” he continues. “And the majority of our customers have issues with squirrels. They chew up the wires and cause major damage. And if it’s not squirrels causing problems, it’s leaves and other debris.”

The SolaTrim® Solution

In SolaTrim, CED Greentech found an ideal answer to customer issues with panel maintenance. Now customers could be assured of protection with the SolaTrim Solar System Protection Solution.

With the SolaTrim Solution, PV source wiring and underside of solar modules would no longer be vulnerable to the intrusion of pigeons, squirrels and other environmental threats. (These pests love nesting under roof-mounted solar arrays and can do serious damage to wires linking inverters to panels, creating fire hazards.)

“SolaTrim found a great niche. Their Protection Solution is a critical part of the customer’s solar experience,” says LaPerche.

In addition to being effective, the SolaTrim Solution employs a beautiful aluminum trim custom to SolaTrim.

Finally, the Protection Solution is a strong product made of lightweight aluminum with a commercial grade adhesive tape that seals it securely to solar panels. It is extreme temperature tested and is designed for the life of the system.

“At CED Greentech, we pride ourselves on premium products and unparalleled customer service. Now, with the addition of the SolaTrim Solution, we truly are a one-stop-shop.”

There was a big problem in the industry, and SolaTrim solved it. It was revolutionary.

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