SolaTrim Distributor Profile: CED Greentech - Sacramento

Providing Ongoing Solar Security

CED Greentech was founded in 1957 as Consolidated Electrical Distributors.
The company is unique for its reputation of providing an end-to-end solar solution for its customers.

The advantage CED Greentech enjoys is
its multiple locations around the country, which allow it to quickly tackle any customer issue, from ordering to installation to maintenance.

A prime example of this is their location
in Sacramento. Trevor B. Hammitt of CED
Greentech in Sacramento explains: “We have a decentralized business model, meaning that all decisions are based on the local markets that we serve.”

So customers enjoy the advantages of working in a “mom and pop” atmosphere, combined with the significant backing of CED Greentech’s national resources.

Hammitt continues: “Our real advantage is that this structure allows us to truly put customer service first and do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy.”

With a premium on customer satisfaction, it was imperative that CED Greentech offer ongoing security for their customers. Which is why they turned to SolaTrim®.

The SolaTrim® Solution

For CED Greentech, it was important to offer high quality solar products. But it was equally important to offer protection for their customers. With the SolaTrim Solar System Protection Solution, CED Greentech found it could now keep their customers happy throughout the life of their relationships.

“We pride ourselves on our customer relationships,” explains Hammitt. “And
the customer’s ongoing confidence is a critical part of that. Solatrim provides an effective, quality product that legitimately blocks the underside of the array.”

Hammitt is all to familiar with dangers posed to the underside of the array. With the SolaTrim Solution, PV source wiring and the underside of modules are no longer vulnerable to the common intrusion of pigeons, squirrels and other environmental threats.

In addition to being effective, the SolaTrim Solution employs a beautiful aluminum trim custom to SolaTrim. “It really serves as an aesthetic,” says Hammitt.

The SolaTrim Solar System Protection Solution is made of lightweight aluminum with an commercial grade adhesive tape that seals it securely to solar panels. It is extreme temperature tested and is designed for the life of the system.

It’s a solid product, but the customers are the ultimate judges, says Hammitt: “Bottom line: the product continues to grow in popularity with our customers.”

SolaTrim provides an effective, quality product that legitimately blocks the underside of the array

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