SolaTrim Distributor Profile: Krannich

The Future of Solar

For 70 years, the legendary Fraunhofer Institute in Munich has been one of the largest and most innovative research organizations in the world. Their research is focused on health, energy and the environment. As they put it: “We are creative. We shape technology. In short, we forge the future.”

When Kurt Krannich arrived at the Institute, he saw the future was solar modules. In 1995, after much research, he launched Krannich Solar, which quickly became a top specialized wholesaler and systems house for photovoltaic installations. Today, the owner-managed and self-financed company offers a wide range of top products for PV installers, including solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, self-consumption systems, and e-mobility.

But Kurt was no ivory tower professor; he was happy to climb on the roofs himself to install PV systems. Which speaks to the culture of customer service at Krannich Solar.

Direct, strong relationships with manufacturers means Krannich Solar always has the latest available products with a high level of efficiency.

“For us, it’s all about customer service. This is what we pride ourselves on,” explains Terence Reed, Krannich Procurement Manager. “We’ve spend the last 25 years building strong relationships with all of the manufacturers. We have tight working relationships with these folks — and we take care of each other, which means we can offer our customers unparalleled service.”

The SolaTrim® Solution

In looking to the future, Krannich Solar attaches great importance to providing customers with sound advice and high product quality. Which means that only high-quality components are included in the photovoltaic wholesaler’s product range.

And that’s why they turned to SolaTrim® Rooftop Solar System Protection Solution as a solution for their distribution portfolio.

With the SolaTrim Solution, PV source wiring and the underside of solar modules are protected from
squirrels, pigeons, pests, and environmental threats. It’s no secret that pests love nesting under roof-mounted solar arrays and can do serious damage to wires linking inverters to panels, creating fire hazards.

To guarantee their customers would have none of these issues, Krannich Solar looked to SolaTrim.

“SolaTrim is unique in that they’ve found a niche in the market. Customers immediately understand the value, that it’s really a necessity,” says Terence Reed. “But at the same time, the strong customer value is combined with a very reasonable price point.”

The SolaTrim Solution is made of beautiful, lightweight aluminum with a commercial grade adhesive tape that seals it securely to solar panels. It is extreme temperature tested and is designed for the life of the system.

The SolaTrim offering is becoming increasingly popular, says Reed: “The strong value and price make it an easy sell. In fact, I regularly have customers calling me to ask about it!”

Customers immediately understand the SolaTrim value, that it's really a necessity.

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