Acrylic Foam Tape Technical Data

Key Benefits

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive for quick application with immediate handling strength to speed assembly.
  • Strength to replace liquid adhesives and mechanical fasteners in many applications
  • Neat application without the mess, ooze and curing delay of liquid adhesives.
  • Can typically tolerate differential movement in the shear plane up to 3 times in thickness.
  • Bonds and seals simultaneously with durability to withstand vibration, impact and weathering.
  • Provides a clean, smooth appearance.
tech data chart solvent fuel resistance
  • Cleaning
    Most substrates are best prepared by cleaning with an Acetone wipe (included with product) prior to applying the Acrylic Foam Tape to the module frame.
  • Pressure
    Bond Strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact developed. Firm application pressure (min. 15lbs PSI) develops better adhesive contact and helps improve bond strength.
  • Humidity
    The suggested humidity for the application is below 90%. SolaTrim adhesive should be kept and applied below 79% R.H.
Typical Physical Properties
  • Temperature
    Ideal application temperature range is 20°C to 50°C (68°F to 122°F). Minimum suggested application temperatures to 10°C (50°F). To obtain good performance, surfaces should be dry and free of condensed moisture.
Temperature Tolerance Chart
  • Time
    After application, the bond strength will increase as the adhesive flows onto the surface. This flow is faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures.
SolaTrim Example of a Bond

Note: This technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes