The Empowered Consumer

By October 10, 2019 No Comments

Residential solar is on the rebound.

According to SEIA’s Solar Market Insight Report, residential solar growth will range from 5%-20% through 2021, driven by emerging states like Florida and Texas, and markets where recent policy developments have boosted near-term forecasts.

This is not only about solar panel proliferation. The clout and influence of the utility consumer just might be the real sea change—or make that sun change.

Welcome to the era of the Empowered Consumer!

With rooftop solar power, the traditional model of the giant utility (generate, store, transmit), paired with the passive consumer (plug-in and pay), has been replaced by a new order of partnership and collaboration, with the consumer gaining more control in the equation.

The utility asset (the solar system) now sits atop the home, rather than existing remotely in some unseen generating station, power plant or mammoth dam. The rooftop panel array is a daily reminder that the consumer now holds the reins.

And this newly empowered consumer is going to be more selective, savvy and cost-conscious in purchasing the home energy infrastructure. They will be demanding strong brands and professional installers, with the same due diligence they exhibit with other major purchases, like automobiles and major appliances.

This consumer will demand more information and education because they are no longer passive. They are not just homeowners; they are investors. This will require the solar ecosystem to recognize and deliver solutions recognizing the power of one single buyer.

With the Internet and infinite information at their fingertips, these empowered consumers will no longer tolerate “almost as good as” and less-than-competitive prices.

As a rooftop solar installer, be on your toes and be ready for a discerning, discriminating solar system purchaser. Today’s solar brands must work harder to align their purpose with the homeowner, so they are seen as improving daily life, while also saving the planet. Brands that cannot engage and build strong relationships, will become less relevant in the changing energy landscape.

At SolaTrim, we welcome this transformation in the marketplace. Our rooftop solar system protection solution is designed to safeguard the installer and the homeowner’s system and home improvement investment. We encourage our infrastructure partners to join us in providing price-conscious offerings and professional service the residential consumers expect.