SolaTrim Aluminum Barriers Now Included in Nixalite Wholesale Catalog

We are excited to share the latest news from SolaTrim. We have just completed a distribution agreement with Nixalite, one of the country’s leading distributors of bird and pest control products. Now solar integrators and installers can get the pest protection systems they need direct from Nixalite.

If you haven’t seen it, below is the press release we sent out this week. And if you are looking for SolaTrim panels be sure to check out the Nixalite catalog at


SolaTrim™ Inks Distribution Agreement with Nixalite of America for Rooftop Solar Protective Barriers

Nixalite Catalog to Add SolaTrim Peel-and-Stick Barriers as Innovative, Aesthetic Solution to Permanently Protect Residential Solar Systems from Pest and Environmental Damage

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 1, 2015) – SolaTrim™ LLC (, innovators in protective barriers to beautify and safeguard residential solar systems, announced today that the company has signed a wholesale distribution agreement with Nixalite of America, Inc., a leading provider of bird control, bird barrier, and pest control products.

Nixalite has added SolaTrim protective barriers to its Bird, Animal, & Pest Control wholesale published and online catalog. SolaTrim is one of a handful of solar system barriers that Nixalite offers but the only solution specifically designed to beautify and protect solar arrays without the use of fasteners, screw or clips. SolaTrim aluminum panels are easily cut to fit and connect to the solar panels using a peel-and-stick acrylic foam adhesive for fast and simple installation. The adhesive SolaTrim uses has been tested for extreme weather conditions and is guaranteed to last for the life of the solar array. A typical installation can be completed in two to three hours, with Nixalite offering an aluminum cutting tool as a catalog accessory to SolaTrim.

“I am very impressed with the SolaTrim product; it is easy to install and has a clean attractive appearance,” said Cory A. Gellerstedt, President of Nixalite of America Inc. “Most importantly, SolaTrim is a very effective pest, bird, and debris barrier for solar panels. It will protect the investment of residential solar arrays by keeping the panels free of birds, rodents, and debris. I am happy to add SolaTrim to the Nixalite product line and see a great potential for this new product.”

“We are proud to have SolaTrim included in the Nixalite wholesale catalog,” said Bob Smith, co-founder and President of SolaTrim. “Nixalite has a reputation for offering some of the most innovative and effective bird and pest control products on the market and we are confident that Nixalite’s customers will love the quality and aesthetics of the SolaTrim protective barriers.”

SolaTrim is an all-weather aluminum barrier stiffened by design to resist warping or bending and diamond-stamped to facilitate airflow. The four-foot SolaTrim sheets can be easily trimmed to fit any rooftop solar array and is designed to prevent any damaging environmental impact to the area underneath the solar modules. It will permanently prevent birds and rodents from nesting under the solar array, which can cause damage to the solar systems.

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About SolaTrim

SolaTrim LLC is an innovator in providing new solutions to protect and beautify residential solar systems as well as protect the homeowner solar investment for the life of the system. The SolaTrim barrier system adds an attractive border to solar arrays while protecting the system from pests, debris and other environmental threats. Solar integrators across the country are turning to SolaTrim as a permanent solution that will beautify rooftop solar while reducing unnecessary service & warranty calls.

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, SolaTrim is committed to developing affordable, dependable, and attractive made-in-the-USA solar aftermarket products to support America’s renewable energy initiatives.