Ontario Province Mandates Rodent Protection for Rooftop Solar Installations

A few weeks ago we posted a blog about the new Canadian Electrical Code amendment outlining the need for protective barriers and proper wiring for rooftop solar systems. In that blog post we outlined the dangers of rodents nesting under rooftop solar systems and the associated costs to both the homeowner and the solar system… Read more »

Overcoming Customer Objections When Selling Solar Systems

Despite all the reasons homeowners should invest in a residential solar system, they still have to be sold. Homeowners know that solar power is clean and renewable, is getting cheaper to build every year, and that installing a solar system can save them a fortune in electricity bills. However, many still need to be convinced… Read more »

Grabbing Your Piece of the Growing Solar Market Pie

If you are selling residential solar, then you don’t need to be told the market is tightening every year. There are more market challenges than ever, margins are being squeezed by all the new players and every solar integrator will need an distinctive edge in order to compete – something to offer that will differentiate… Read more »

Awww, Rats! New Canadian Electrical Code Calls for Rooftop Solar System Rodent Guards

On May 5th, a new requirement went into effect in the Canadian Electrical Code. Rule 50-018 has been added to the CE Code which specifically requires added protection for rooftop solar systems. This addendum is designed to eliminate risk of disease, damage, and even fire from rodent infestation. The changes to the CE Code include: “The…… Read more »

When Investing in Solar Protection, Seeing is Believing

What will the typical residential solar installation look like in 20 years? Of course, no one knows yet. The residential solar power business is still a nascent industry. It was less than a decade ago that residential solar was only appealing to homeowners with large bank accounts, willing to take a risk on the latest… Read more »

Haleakala Solar Finds SolaTrim Solves Aesthetic Concerns for Hawaiian HOAs

Solar energy systems are increasing in demand, not just among homeowners but also for condo owners and apartment buildings. As solar arrays start to spring up on roofs across the country, Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs) and building managers are becoming increasingly concerned about the aesthetics of solar systems and the impact those rooftop solar frames… Read more »

Solar Arrays Need Extra Care If You Live In the Snow Belt

Solar systems deliver energy all year, and homeowners from the Equator to the Arctic Circle are realizing the benefits of harnessing the sun for power. However, as anyone in colder climates can attest, ice and snow can present special problems for roof-mounted solar arrays. If you are installing solar systems in colder climates, then you… Read more »

The 3 Main Environmental Hazards That Threaten Home Solar Arrays

How Nature Can Put Rooftop Solar at Risk The latest Solar Industry reports now put the total number of Solar households in the U.S. at nearly one million, with another 2 million installations projected in the next 2-4 years. With the average installation costs at an all-time low, solar productivity climbing as panels become more… Read more »

Start Up Launches Innovative Product to Protect and Beautify Home Solar Investment

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – September 28, 2015 CEOCFO: Mr. Smith, what is the concept behind SolaTrim? Mr. Smith: We believe that the current construction model for home solar is incomplete in that the rooftop system can be seen as an eyesore and also that the area underneath the solar panels is vulnerable… Read more »

What Will 20 Year Old Solar Arrays Look Like?

Nobody knows, of course. We can only make educated guesses regarding what problems with future soiling, productivity, longevity, warranty or maintenance will be encountered on rooftop systems built in the last 5-7 years or those to be built over the next two decades. One issue that is causing concern across the industry is the high… Read more »